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It absolutely was raining when Casey Flanagan netted history, for the time that is second as numerous months, no less

Flanagan, a Spokane Tribal fish biologist, had been bent more than a stainless-steel that is large floating on two pontoons anchored by metal cables to woods onshore on Wednesday when she made the discovery.

The device, known as a screw trap, had been bobbing within the spring-runoff that is frothy of Tshimakain Creek, additionally spelled Chamokane Creek, regarding the eastern side of the Spokane Indian Reservation. One hundred yards away, the creek flowed in to the Spokane River, just downstream of Long Lake Dam.

The creek poured through the cone, spinning fins like a cake mixer that is large. But alternatively of mixing dough, the product shunts any fish, bugs or debris into a holding tank that is underwater.