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Complying with COPPA And Sometimes Expected Concerns


1. How can the FTC enforce the Rule?

Details about the FTC’s COPPA enforcement actions can be located by simply clicking the full cases link from the FTC’s Children’s Privacy page. Moms and dads, customer teams, industry users, among others that think an operator is breaking COPPA may report that towards the FTC on the web or call our cost free phone number at (877) FTC-HELP.

2. Exactly what are the charges for breaking the Rule?

A court can take operators whom violate the Rule accountable for civil penalties as high as $43,792 per violation. The total amount of civil charges the FTC seeks or perhaps a court assesses risk turning for a true range facets, such as the egregiousness associated with violations, perhaps the operator has formerly violated the Rule, how many kiddies included, the total amount and form of private information built-up, exactly exactly how the details had been utilized, whether it ended up being distributed to 3rd events, and also the size of the business. The dedication associated with appropriate civil penalty will be different for a case-by-case foundation. In some instances, the FTC has elected to look for no civil penalty, whilst in other situations, the charges happen huge amount of money. Information regarding the FTC’s COPPA enforcement actions, such as the amounts of civil charges acquired, can be located by simply clicking the instances link in the FTC’s Children’s Privacy page.

3. Can the states or any other government agencies enforce COPPA?

Yes. COPPA offers states and specific agencies that are federal to enforce conformity with respect to entities over that they have actually jurisdiction.