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Pride Festival 2019 'You just have one life, do not live a lie' - young farmers on changing times for homosexual individuals in rural Ireland

Rainbow alliance Revellers involved in this past year's Dublin Pride Parade. Image by Fergal Phillips

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Rachel Bollard. Photo by Siobhan English

THE rural bastions of Macra na Feirme and also the GAA recently announced it easier for people to be gay in rural Ireland that they would march in the upcoming Dublin Pride festival, a move which reflects the changing attitudes that are making.

Trois owever, these views that are tolerant weren't always the way it is. Kilkenny dairy farmer Rachel Bollard recalls just how hard it absolutely was growing up homosexual in the countryside into the recent past.

" straight Back within the 1990s and early 2000s there is no internet where I happened to be and I also don't know anyone else who had been gay. I became very stressed of telling anybody," states the Jenkinstown native.

Inside her 20s, Rachel decided it was time and energy to pluck the courage up and break the news to her farmer moms and dads, James and Majella. "They did not just take the news headlines well from the beginning. They were extremely upset because I became their only daughter," says Rachel.